How to Start Livesteaming

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How to Start Livesteaming

Post by Gabriel on Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:18 pm

YouTube Live Help

Now let's get you livesteaming to your channel! It's fairly the same as uploading a video but we will guide you through it.

Start by going to 'Live Events' tab on the left hand side

Once on YouTube Live tab you will see the Event Manager like this:

Now click on

Now you will notice four tabs like this:
We will only be showing you the basics to get you started, please see this thread for more info on enabling ads, recording your steam and more!

Enter the Livesteam Title, Description (if any) and Tags (if any) then choose the day and time you want your livesteam to start and end. Choose your country and timezone to select the right time you want to start it and end it. Choose everything else as you please such as category, privacy, licence etc.

Now you must agree to the terms and conditions. Please read them, it is a very short agreement and only takes a minute to read.

If you're ready to create the steaming schedule click 'Create event'

Now you will be taken to the Steam Settings page you can choose your thumbnail for the steam and select the Wirecast for YouTube encoder it will also have 4 steps to get connected with Wirecast.

Click 'Save' Once everything is set up correct then you will see this notice:

Once you're ready to start livesteaming click this button

Make your Livesteam listed as Private or your subscribers will be able to see your livesteam without you even starting it. You can change the privacy to Public once you start the livesteam!

If you need help regarding YouTube Live, please email us at

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