How to Activate Your Partnership

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How to Activate Your Partnership

Post by Gabriel on Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:09 pm

How to Activate Your Partnership

YouTube is always changing and often, we want to keep you updated-This is how to successfully activate your partnership with Vultra Network.

Note: If you encounter ANY problems, please see the very bottom of this thread.

1. Once you've been invited, you will receive the Network invitation, you will get a notification of this by e-mail.
The email is entitled 'Invitation: BentPixels would like you to join its Network on YouTube' Remember we are a sub-network of Bent Pixels you will be receiving emails from the both of us.

2. Once you open that email, you will see the whole message saying Bent Pixels would like you to link etc you need to click Learn more or just go directly to your YouTube Dashboard

3. You will then be brought to your YouTube Dashboard, this is where you will see the Notice 'BentPixels has invited you to join their network.'

4. Click 'Learn more' then you will see the 3 step process it's very simple!
1. On Background Information click Continue,
2. Next page is Terms and Conditions, tick the box that says 'I Accept' then click Join Network

3. Completed page, you will see the final page, confirming that you are now linked to BentPixels.

5. Congratulations! You are now linked and you should have all the features enabled instantly!

6. Now you will need to claim your videos. For instructions on how to do that please read our Partner Book *Older Partners may have been assigned a Custom ID, if you were not assigned one please leave the default customized ID it enters when claiming.

If you need help regarding Partnerships, CMS or Invites in general, please email us at
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